Adastra, a Period Instrument Duo, is a period-instrument ensemble based in Cincinnati, Ohio and Boston, MA.
Jennifer Roig-Francoli, period violin
Vivian Montgomery, period keyboard

Adastra communicates the spirit of Enlightenment through engaging performances of Baroque and Classical music on historical violin and keyboard instruments. The duo injects energy and passion into their performance of works from the early 17th century through the early Romantic era.

Duo partners Jennifer Roig-Francoli and Vivian Montgomery strive to make each performance a unique event full of the creative mystery and excitement of the present moment. Each audience member is valued and included as an integral and essential partner in the reception of the musical message, which is viewed as the offering of a fleeting and irreproducible musical work of art. Within the formal beauty and structured design of the baroque and classical idioms, the creative spontaneity of the present moment means that every performance is completely free, fresh and unpredictable. No two performances by Adastra are ever the same, and every performance will be unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Adastra enjoys inviting frequent guest and supporting artists to join them in select performances, augmenting the ensemble to a trio or larger ensemble. Adastra and Friends is the happy outgrowth of these invitations, which allows for expanded repertoire and even more intricate and lively communications on stage.

The name "Adastra" comes from the Latin, "ad astra", meaning "to the stars".

"Ad astra--to the stars--the soul is striving,
Called by an unstilled longing.
O path of Truth and Beauty that I choose--
Of Spirit-Remembrance that pervades the soul!"

--from a poem by Frithjof Schuon